Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Calendar of Events

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About this Calendar

For barefoot running/walking events, or events with barefoot divisions, book signings (for books about or with chapters about barefoot running/walking), Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops, personal appearances by notable barefoot runners, drives to support barefooters and barefoot events, etc..

The Barefoot Runners Society Calendar

Adding Events

There are two ways to add events to this calendar;

  1. Labor intensive for us and you: Send us a link to an individual barefoot event. It will be manually added to The Running Barefoot calendar when we have time. If you expect/hope to set up many barefoot running events (1 or more per year) please use the preferred method (see below).
  2. Preferred method: Set up a Google Calendar SPECIFICALLY for Barefoot Running/Walking events, and send us a link. We add your Calendar to those included here, and you can add or change events on your Google calendar, and they will automatically be updated here. (you can create all the Google calendars you like, but we just want the one with barefoot running events, not your personal birthdays, meetings, vacations, etc.)


Send me a link to your Google Calendar if it is exclusively for Barefoot Running related events

This form is NOT for posting stories, questions, answers, discussions, etc., about barefoot running.

The Running Barefoot Forum

This form IS for sending Ken Bob a link to your barefoot events google calendar.