Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour logo

Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour

Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour logo

Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour logo


Ken Bob’s first Running Barefoot Tour, holding get-togethers, Play-Fun-Shops (clinics, workshops, or whatever you want to call them)

Seal Beach CA

  • Boeing Lunchtime 5K (2003 May 12)

Denver CO

  • Bus ride to Denver (2003 May 16)

Grawn MI

  • long solo fun run (2003 May 21)

Traverse City MI

  • Bayshore Marathon (2003 May 24)

Grand Ledge MI

  • Running barefoot with the twins

Interlochen MI

  • Long solo run around Duck Lake (2002 June 2)

Traverse City MI

  • Westwood 5K (2003 June 7)

Lake Leelanau MI

  • Alligator

Duluth MN

  • Grandma’s Marathon (2003 June 21)

Grand Ledge MI

  • Rock climbing barefoot

Rome NY

  • Running barefoot on slate sidewalk

Chester CT

  • 4 on the 4th Race (2003 July 4)

Seattle WA

  • Crown of Queen Anne Run (2003 July 12)

Issaquah WA

  • Bare Buns Fun Run (2003 July 13)

Tumwater WA

  • Steel sculpture folk art museum

Portland OR

  • Beat the Burnside Run (2003 July 20)

San Francisco CA

Huntington Beach CA

  • Distance Derby (2003 August 9)

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