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Chino Hills Trails Fun Run (2013 February 10 and 24)

We met another group of folks who said they had just been out on the trails for 2 hours

Early (8am) this Sunday Feb 24! Changing the start time this Sunday to 8AM, since the one person who has RSVPd (so far) has memorial service/celebration plans in the early afternoon. When 2013 February 10, Sunday 11:00AM 2013 February 24, … read more

Barely Barefoot Don’s Bus Runs (2012 November 23 Sunday @ 7:30AM)

Ken Bob, Balboa Ferry, CA

2012 November 23 Sunday 2012 November 23 Sunday 7:30 AM Main at PCH Bus Stop Huntington Beach CA Summary Just another ride on the bus, from Huntington Beach, to Newport Beach, then running back to Huntington Beach Usually not a … read more

Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop, Santa Barbara CA, 2012 October 27

2012-07-20 Ken Bob at Boulder Running Company, Littleton CO

Santa Barbara CA, 2012 October 27 Ken Bob’s Short Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop Just starting out barefoot, or running? Afraid to take your shoes off, but want to reap some of the benefits of Barefoot Running? Having some problems getting some of … read more