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Today we travel in our TARDIS to Surf City Marathon 2016

Free Photos of Barefooters at Surf City Marathon (2016 February 7)

Today we travel with Barefoot Michae (page 167 Barefoot Running Step by Step), in our TARDIS to Surf City Marathon 2016

Where we take some photos of barefooters, and other interesting runners, dogs, Seagulls, walkers, etc…

Simplest way to download your photos is to right-click the thumbnail, and open in new window/tab then, from the photo in the new window/tabl, right-click, and save image.

-Have fun


Ken Bob’s Regular Run (2016-01-23)

Rob, PsychoHerman, and Ken Bob

Rob came down from Sacramento, California to run with me, and get his copy of “Barefoot Running Step by Step” auto-foot-print-graphed by PsychoHerman, Cathy, and Barefoot Ken Bob. We ran/walked just over 4 miles in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, including, … read more