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Play-Fun-Shop 2011 April 9 Huntington Beach CA

IBRD L.A. Area Celebration a Day Early – 2015 May 2 Saturday

2015 IBRD Basic Tee-Shirt
2015 IBRD Basic Tee-Shirt by BarefootRunnersSoc
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International Barefoot Running Day

We’re celebrating International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) a day early. Official IBRD is 2015 May 3 Sunday. We would like to enable families to celebrate IBRD together – which is one of the reasons we’re celebrating early… also because we nearly always have more people show up on Saturday


2015 May 2 Saturday

Times and Events


2015 May 2 Saturday 8:30AM

Play with basic or advanced techniques and have fun with Barefoot Ken Bob
more info about Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shop

Regular Run

2015 May 2 Saturday 10:00AM

Run 3-5 miles (depending who shows up, and how far they want to run) with Barefoot Ken Bob
more info about Ken Bob’s Regular Run


The old same place
Warner Ave @ Pacific Coast Highway
behind the Warner-Pacific Bus Stop
Near the restroom
In Bolsa Chica State Beach
By the bus turn-around (Waner-Pacific Bus Stop)
Behind Jack in the Box

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