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Desert Solstice Ultra Runs

Found; water bottle jug - does this belong to you?

Found; water bottle jug – does this belong to you?

2017-12-09 and 10 Desert Solstice 24-hour and 100 mile barefoot runs, Phoenix Arizona

No new barefoot running world records this year…. wait a minute – Teague O’Connor’s 100-mile split may be a new Barefoot Running World Record. I’ve never seen anyone else make running a hundred miles in one day look so easy and fun. In any case, Teague was the first runner overall at this event to complete 100 miles!

When Barefoot Jake invited me to come to Phoenix to support his, and 2 other barefoot runners attempts at word records (primarily for the 24-hour event), I jumped on my computer, used my credit card miles, and reserved a room at the Hilton Garden hotel in Phoenix (just over 1 mile from the event), and reserved a room. I retired from California State University, Long Beach at the end of August this year, so I did not even need to ask the department chair for the time off. However, I did ask my wife. Well actually, I even offered to bring her, and our new dog (might have had to find a dog-friendly hotel). But she had had a few trips this past year for yoga retreats, etc., without me (especially while I was still working), so she said she would stay home with Kay, our new puppy (now 14 months).

As usual, I overpacked, tried to include anything that any of the barefoot runners (and if necessary, even some shod runners) might need while running so many miles in 24 hours. I thought for a while that it was a mistake to bring the 2 zero gravity chairs – but they were welcomed much during the 2nd 12 hours of the event.

Anyway, I will write up a bit more report, and hopefully get reports from the barefoot runners soon. In the meantime, I will start uploading some of the more than 1300 photos and videos I took at the event (I had the camera set to “continuous” so when I shot a photo, I actually was taking a series of still photos for as long as the button was held down). Anyway, it’s going to take a bit of time to sort and upload, but I’ll get started and publish this right now…

As usual, I am including not only photos of barefoot runners, but also interesting runners (Like Ed Ettinghausen – Run Jester Run)

Barefoot Runners

Barefoot Runners competing at 2017 Desert Solstice

Barefoot Jake Brown via Facebook

Desert Solstice was a success! No record, but I worked my way through a major hurt locker to finish the 100 mile event just before the 24hr mark.

Thanks to my sponsor Ox wear for their support and confidence, also to Ken Bob’s Original for providing aid and sending me home with a ton of athletic foods. More gratitude and the full story to come. 👣🏃🙏🏻 #heartofanox #barefootrunning

    • Jake Brown 100 miles in just under 24 hours
    • Teague O’Connor 100 miles @ 14:22 (Barefoot Running Record and Overall win at the Desert Solstice Race)- Teague’s Race Report
    • Andrew Snope – 85 miles (still the 24-hour barefoot running record holder set 2016 at The Summer Solstice 24-hour Race) – Race Report on Facebook (see below)

Race Info

Race Schedule:
7:00am Sat – Packet/Bib Pickup
8:00am Sat – 24 Hour & 100 Mile Start
8:00am Sun – 24 Hour & 100 Mile End

Central High School track is located at:
4500 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Race website:


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